Rugs from 2 form

The idea behind 2Form is very simple: to combine art and design in one media. The surface of a rug offers a free playground for expression. The materiality of the rug puts this artistic expression ”down-to-earth”. more »

Flooring from Egecarpet

Ege’s history is the vision of a truly exceptional man. Mads Eg Damgaard. In 1938, he founded the company which, today, is one of the leading suppliers of unique flooring solutions in the world. Mostly found in official spaces as offices or hotels. more »

Designer rugs online

Explore Designerugs and some pictures of colored rugs to decorate your home and floors. Colored rugs and carpets to buy online, with different shape and pattern. It’s all about the details. more »

Carpets with structure from Piodao

Rugs with structure from Portugese Piodao. The Piodao Group was founded in Portugal, in 1992 by a group of individuals passionate for the production of artesian textiles. In time and due to market demand, the company focused on the production of rugs and carpets. more »

Carpets from Loophouse

loophouse has become renowned for providing innovative rug and carpet design solutions to designers and architects as well as private clients, attracting commissions from many household names. Delightful use of colors. more »