Vibia Design, lighting

VIBIA’s mission is to make it easier for every individual to identify with the space in which they live, work and visit. Nice lighting and pictures. more »

Lighting from Axo Light, Italy 2

Axo Light is Italian design. It was born in 1996 in inland Venice and immediately combined Italian passion for design, becoming one of the principal realities in high-end indoor lighting. Starting from the Venetian blown glass tradition, Axo Light has been exploring the most various artisan workmanship. more »

Kilo Zulu from Denmark

KILO ZULU is owned and run by industrial designer Kristoffer Zeuthen. With more than10 years experience from Danish and foreign design studios, and projects ranging from medical and rehab to fine china and lifestyle products, Kristoffer is widely experienced in design and product development. more »

Lighting, Arturo Alvarez

Alvarez are devoted to the design and production of all kind of decorative lamps. They offer pieces of unique personality, for private and public environments. more »

Lighting from Flos

You might know Flos, an international company that offers a complete range of residential, commercial and even custom-made lighting products. more »