Home interior decor 2

Pictures from Pinterest sharing colourful interior details. For inspiration on storage. Love this succulents and colourful mugs! more »

Home interior decor, part 1

As you may know I use Pinstagram to pin my favourite pictures along the way browsing the internet for inspiration. In the webstash album Home • decor styling you’ll find some inspirational pictures to color your home. more »

Cult Design, pots, home decor

More decor details to your home from Cult Design in Sweden. I totaly love the ceramics, pots and accessories. More pictures for inspiration. Cult design was started by Magnus Tyrén and Marita Lord, after they both worked at Borås Tapeter. Accessories for kitchen and bathroom. more »

Kilo Zulu from Denmark

KILO ZULU is owned and run by industrial designer Kristoffer Zeuthen. With more than10 years experience from Danish and foreign design studios, and projects ranging from medical and rehab to fine china and lifestyle products, Kristoffer is widely experienced in design and product development. more »

Cult Design Sweden, kitchen decor

Kitchen asseccories for your kitchen from Swedish Cult Design. I’ve already published some pictures and found even more beautiful stash to decorate your home. more »