Grapple hanging system

A young, enviromentally-aware design team with Ryan Frank – one of Europe’s leading eco-designers – at the creative helm. Ryan has been designing products for TapeGear from their studios in both Barcelona and London. more »

Gadgets from IMIXID

Introducing IMIXID Go-Go gadgets. A futurama mash-up of retro, music, modern, vintage, fashion and technology. IMIXID brings you fun and functional gadgets and lifestyle gear. more »

Millovn, stoves for warmer evenings

Nice pictures of minimal stoves and heaters to keep you warm during winter. The company is located in Norway. Nice pictures but not much information in detail. Looking better than the usual white “Ei saa peittää” more »

Furniture for your pet

Seattle-based artist Crystal Gregory has come up with a collection of stylish cabinets to help animal lovers camouflage the unwelcome eyesore. Owner of two Canadian Hairless cats and two Italian Greyhounds, Crystal understood the need to take pet furniture to another level by creating Modernist Cat more »

Cult Design, pots, home decor

More decor details to your home from Cult Design in Sweden. I totaly love the ceramics, pots and accessories. More pictures for inspiration. Cult design was started by Magnus Tyrén and Marita Lord, after they both worked at Borås Tapeter. Accessories for kitchen and bathroom. more »