Textile by Harlequin

The Harlequin website is a destination for inspirational design, innovative textures and delicious colour. Consistently going from strength to strength Harlequin epitomises quality and style. more »

Wallpaper from Lulu, USA

The fabrics from Lulu deKwiatkowski is playfull and colorful. She is the founder of Lulu DK fabrics and her signature style is bold, generous use of color and whimscal, hand-drawn design. more »

AuraHome textile, Tracie Ellis

When you choose AURA, you are surrounding yourself with products that have been produced ethically and sustainably. Bed linen, cushions, table linen, thorws, napkins. Beautiful textiles and a huge website with information. more »

Textile from nature, Dorte Agergaard

Dorte Agergaard is a new textile brand that breaks with convention. What fascinates is not conformity or non-conformity but that which is unique. Beautiful pillows based on textiles with pattern from the nature. more »

Beautiful colors, Zinc Textile

Part of The Romo Group, Zinc was launched as a new fabric brand that is strong, tactile and urban with playful undertones. Presented in a seductive palette with hints of colour. You’ll like it or not. Different styles appreciated. more »