Wallpaper for the kids room

The company Mr. Perswall in Sweden offers wallpapers in many different designs and colours. What about a huge wall and let the kid(s) colour the wall themselves! Teach the kid about letters, to count. more »

Wall details mounted as shelves

Svenske Kredema har utviklet veggplater med innebygde hyller. Genial detalj på ellers flate vegger. Med hyller som Kremeda har designet så kan du finne oppbevaring uten at det blir store problemer med støv. more »

Wallpaper, Hanna Werning

Hanna Werning work as an independent designer across disciplines such as communication design, product design, visual arts and illustration, self-initiated and commissioned work. more »

Wallpaper from Mr. Perswall

Colorful and playful design of wallpapers from Mr. Perswall. Some details of design for walls that needs some attention. Hope you can be inspired to make your home a bit more colorful. more »

Wallpaper from Storeys

Storeys designs and sell wallpapers in various styles and colors. The new collections are called Contzen 3, by designer Lars Contzen, Hip & Fun and Paint me! more »