It's all about the details
It's all about the details

Kitchens from Snaidero, Italy

Futuristic kitchens with unique design from the Italian company Snadeiro. Established in Majano, Udine in 1946. Design with a minimalistic touch for inspiration to your new or to be refurbished kitchen.

To introduce you to Snadeior I have choosen a bit of their collection of kitchens for inspiration. With an exiting history you can read more about the company on their website. I have written about how to plan your kitchen earlier (Norwegian articles) for those who needs tip on how to make a funchtional space.

Wood on the one table breaks the white and make a unique detail to the kitchen

Dark, glanced doors in this kitchen, love the tiles and color in blue

Different designed kitchen, lots of space to clean choosing to use glass

Lots of space and view outdoors

Glanced kitchen in red

Music from Apple with speaker when making dinner

Kitchen island for all the stash you don’t use every day

Green doors and brown details

Snaidero is maybe to be found near you. They have a list of retailers published online. Kilde/bilder: Snaidero