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Flooring in black and white

Tiles with 3d effect. Could you live in this house with a kitchen floor like this one? These pictures are just a few from the apartment presented. In the home of Santa Caterina unequivocally reflected this contemporary trend that has blurred, among others, the border between public and private areas of the house. read more »

Hotel Memmo Alfama, Lisbon

Located in the heart of the most typical district of LisbonAlfama – steps away from the Cathedral and the São Jorge Castle, memmo Alfama is already considered as one of the best hotels in Lisbon and is the first boutique hotel in the city’s historic area, with it’s narrow streets, traditional shops and the famous Fado restaurants. read more »

WhereWeDesign: Office space, Microsoft Vienna

Wherewedesign is an place where people can present their work place. Lots of cool places, this is Microsoft in Vienna. We all either love Microsoft or love to hate them. We know who they are, so not much introduction is needed, but their new workspace is lovely. read more »