It's all about the details
It's all about the details

Mosaic, ceramist Ellen Blakeley

Working as a professional ceramist, Ellen stopped one day to pick up the glass from a shattered bus shelter in San Francisco, with amacing results! Already versed in the art of mosaic, Ellen started experimenting with the tempered glass,  realizing that the transparent surface would lend itself to endless design opportunities.

These tiles are some of her work. Enjoy the beautiful colors in the mosaic, brown, red, blue, orange and black. Impressing mix makes this really cool. Visit her website for great installations and more information. It’s art with glass.

Ellen’s artistic expression gave full rein to the possibilities of the tempered gøass medium, letting the grouted arteries function as nuanced maps to reveal th jewels beneath the surface. Read more about Ellen and see more of her work.

Ellen Blakeley Studio