It's all about the details
It's all about the details

Communication from Mr. Perswall

Mr Perswall produces personal wallcoverings for all personalities. Innovative assortment of photowalls, murals and personal featurewalls that can be customized. This post about the collection Communication.

I have written about Mr Perswall several times. I like what they do and how they communicate their products. The brand Mr Perswall stands for “Personal Wallcoverings” and is a part of the Eco-Boråstapeter group. The business idea, experience and values of the company are portrayed in one personality – and his name is Mr Perswall.

A wall covered with newspaper, I love it

Maybe a wall covered as a book shelf! I know my friends would appreciate not to move my books once more. May this be a funny solution?


Have a look at all their collections and maybe you find your favourite. You can order a wallpaper made of your favourite picture as well, maybe an idea for christmas or a birthday. Earlier posts about wallpaper for childrens room (Hide and Seek) and the collection Destinations.

Info/pictures: Mr. Perswall