It's all about the details
It's all about the details

Danish Nordal, interior accessories

Nordal is a family-owned Danish business, where the keyword is exciting and functional design for your home. Designers with an unfailing sense of style and experienced purchasers provide an exciting collection.

It all started with sale of old furniture from India, but a lot has changed since then. The old furniture has been replaced by new, designed and well-manufactured interior products, which are sold through a network of quality and design-oriented representatives.

Beautiful ceramics

At Nordal, they design a great deal of the products themselves and then manufactured in the Far East and under orderly conditions.  This gives us a unique collection and the best possible mix, which is based on our extensive knowledge and a good hunch about the colours and trends of today.

I love the picture and concrete fireplace

Would like to have this watch on my wall, love the purple color

Inspirtion to Christmas decor

Pillows inspired by nature

What a unique dear for the garden


Styling for Christmas

Christmas decor for the table

Colorful rug

Love the turquoise / teal color on both the background and the ceramics

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