It's all about the details
It's all about the details

Modern apartment in Warsaw

This beautiful apartment is located in Warsaw, Poland, originally published by HomeEdit. It’s a modern home with a flexible and stylish interior, an open space filled with natural light. The internal structure is very functional.

The apartment was divided into several separate zones, each with its own function and purpose. Visit also HomeEdit for more inspiration looking at apartments from their archive.

Love the open space, functional despite it’s a small apartment. Love the lime green details and the beautiful wallpaper to the right in this picture. Use of mirror gives an “illutional effect” making the apartment bigger.

A wallpaper in stripes on the kitchen’s opposite wall, colorful details in line. The kitchen floor separates the different space function in the apartment.

Tiny table in a tiny space

Yellow and blue pendants over the kitchen/dining table and details.

Lime green tiles also in the bathroom, with pattern over the sink. Green and blue.

A bedroom in white and silver. The beautiful wallpaper is lovely together with the bedding and details.

As you can see, the kitchen and living room is quite small but with a planned solution for the kitchen and the mix of colors it is a very nice apartment.

Info/pictures: Homedit, designed by Widawscy Studio Architektury