It's all about the details
It's all about the details

Photographer Mikkel Adsbøl

The Danish photographer Mikkel Adsbøl takes pictures, all the time. He travels around the world and shoots pictures of people, travel spots, food as well as interior and lifestyle. I found some pictures on his website dedicated to interior.

This is what he says about his work as a photographer: The most fascinating aspect of being a photographer is that every assignment is a matter of interpreting key words and giving them visual form. A form that highlights the assignment’s commercial, aesthetic or editorial character. A form that captures things, places or individuals in time.

Beautiful colors in shades of purple and blue

Black and white inspired kitchen

Colorful home with blue wallpaper and an original book shelf

Simplicity in black and grey

Rustic table in wood, details

Look at the sweet small Egg Chair at this home office

Kilde/bilder: Mikkel Adsbøl