It's all about the details
It's all about the details

Agency Sarah Kaye: Laurence Pasquier

Beautiful, inspiring pictures from stylist Laurence Pasquier via Photo Agency Sara Kaye. I have written about the agent in earlier posts and now it’s Pasquier’s pictures in focus. You’ll find information about photographers at Sara Kaye’s website.

Get inspired by these lovely pictures taken at different locations and with different photographers making this beatiful scenes, some of them inspired by both christmas and summer time.

Retro look in a kitchen with SMEG refrigerator, inspired by the “Diner-culture”

Styled table and bedroom.

Apartment where children are living too

Christmas decoration in red and pink

Styled for christmas

Americal Diner with milkshake and colorful interior.

Romantic dinner, champagne, chocolate, candle lights and room for only two

Outdoors, patio with lots of candle lights, cushions, a lovely space to be.

At the website of Sara Kaye you’ll find more pictures from Laurence Pasquier, and more than interior.

Info/pictures: Sarah Kaye