It's all about the details
It's all about the details

Design resources

Linker til designressurser på nett. Her finner du linker til arkitektur, design, kunst og  interiør. Linkene er primært rettet mot større portaler som oppdaterer oss om interiør, design og/eller arkitektur.

Art, Design, Architecture and Media Information Gateway, is a service being developed to help you find useful, quality-assured information on the Internet.

Against Barcelona
This is an extension of the shop in center fo Barcelona. Specialized in sale and rent of furtiture, design items and decorative arts from the 50’s to the 80’s. The selection includes italian designs, decorative french objects and a lot of retrospanish items.

American Society of Interiordesign
Society of Interior designers & design community. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is a nonprofit professional society representing the interests of interior designers and the interior design community.

Stort bildegalleri. Søk etter kunstnere. was built on the vision of childhood friends, Joshua Chodniewicz and Michael Marston, who recognized the Internet as the ideal way to make it easy for people to quickly find and order exactly what they are looking for.

Art on paper
the international art magazine dedicated to prints, drawings, photography and artist’s books from old masters to contemporary.

About art, links to museums, articles. Articles about the most of art in USA. Bookforum and more.

The ArtMagick Collection presents artists from the 19th and 20th centuries whose work can be primarily classified as Pre-Raphaelite or Symbolist. Common themes for their paintings are ones drawn from mythology and literature. Many of the artists found here are very obscure and almost completely forgotten today.

artnet has modernized the art business through specialized services provided to the professional art community. The core element of artnet’s business is the Online Gallery Network — the largest of its kind, with over 1,300 galleries, 36,000 works and 13,000 artists from around the globe. Stort bildegalleri.

Canadian Interiors
Focus is interior design, projects and products, primarily with a Canadian twist. Canadian Interiors is Canada’s national review of interior architecture and design. The magazine’s focus is interior design, projects and products, primarily with a Canadian twist.

Chicago Athenaeum
The Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design lokalisert i Chicago, åpnet i 1988. Oversikt på mottakere (fra alle land) av designutmerkelser gjennom flere år.

American on-line review on Design. Media design studio in New York. Online articles, about employment, jobs, schools, events, discussions and how to. Artikler, jobb og karriere, skole, event – kalender.

Dansk Design Center
Kan man måle de økonomiske effekter af design? Hvem er de nye talenter? Hvad er best practice inden for designbaseret innovation? Hvordan lægger man en designstrategi? Hænger holisme og design sammen? Hvordan beskytter man sit design? Danmarks videnportal for design og business på nettet!

Design Boom
designboom has grown to become the foremost european design e-zine, the independent site evolved into one of the largest and most popular destinations on the web.

Design Diffusion
Design Diffusion Edizioni, a consolidated publisher specialized in the areas of design and management. It produces magazines, books dedicated to the various aspects of design, architecture, furnishings on the international scenario.

Design Engine
Covers all sort of design issues. Links to sites with focus on ‘all’ kind of design. Here you’ll find lots of links to design related sites on net. Designregistry, products, design schools, furniture portfolio, lighting, online magazines, museums, internet forums and article archive.

Design Market
Designmarket är en sökbar produktkatalog som innehåller möbler och belysning för inom- och utomhusbruk. Målgruppen är alla som söker produktinformation. Förutom leverantörernas kunder så riktar vi oss framförallt mot arkitekter, inredare och återförsäljare.

Design within reach
Designer biografier i massevis. Selger møbler på nett.

Ressurs for design’elskere’. Interaktivt – spørsmål og refleksjoner over moderne design. your resource for modern, post-modern and contemporary design of the 20th-21st centuries where you’ll find information on designers and producers, on furniture, lighting, dinnerware, accessories, glass, ceramic, plastic, wood and metalware.

Finn riktig designkompetanse avhengig av hvilke oppgaver som skal løses.

designbeans was born in 2003 as a showcase for new designers and latest projects. Started as a personal project it has changed over the time to provide readers a full overview of the design world.

Core77 has partnered with Business Week to produce the DesignDirectory, a comprehensive database of design firms, launched in conjunction with the release of the new Design and Innovation Channel on the website.

We are team of seven dedicated individuals who believe in modern design for modern life. We were frustrated by our furniture options. We want to inspire creativity. Everyone is unique, and everyone is creative. So we’re here to supply the elements – both products and information – to help you construct a home unlike any other.

the web-based platform for publication and publicity for designer-makers. increase your popularity and product sales. protect your unique design by publishing your work at designspotter. simply upload an image of your work, a short description and a weblink in order to feature your product without any cost on this website.

en marknadsplats för design. Här samsas etablerade designers och okända talanger om plats för att sälja sina verk under en vecka eller mer. Därför kan vi erbjuda ett spännande sortiment av utvalda produkter till hemmet eller till jobbet, kanske till någon du vill överraska med en ovanlig present.

Oppslagverk for design i alle sine former og fasonger. Møbeldesign, foto, print, arktitektur, keraminn, bokdesign, interiørdesign med mer. Du kan selv foreslå linker til dexigner.

DogA Norsk Design- og Arkitektursenter ble etablert av Norsk Form og Norsk Designråd i 2004 og er møteplass for design, arkitektur og tilstøtende fagområder. Hausmanns gate 16 står oppført på Byantikvarens gule liste over bevaringsverdige bygninger.

Frame mag
English, covers details, portrait interior designer or architect, features and new products. Frame started at the end of 1997. It is a bi-monthly trade magazine which focuses on cutting-edge corporate and public interiors, and especially on retail, exhibition, hospitality and workplace design.

Finsk designforum
Design Forum Finland actively promotes the competitiveness and development of Finnish industry and culture through the means of design. This work seeks to improve the exposure of Finnish design and to increase the use and applications of design in industry.

A portal to modern design on the Web. Marketplace for buyers and sellers and an exciting community resource for collectors of all levels who are devoted to Modern Design.

Good Design Award
We at the Good Design Award strive to ensure that entrants make even more use of “good design” to open up and expand new areas of business. The more opportunities there are to promote the G-Mark to consumer, the more effective efforts will be to develop and expand new business through good design. Here we are introducing this unseen design competition scheme with almost 50 years of history.

Center for creativity. Denmark has produced a long line of worldleading designers and architects. Georg Jensen, Arne Jacobsen, Poul Henningsen, Verner Panton, Henning Larsen and Nanna Ditzel are amongst the many Danish designers and architects who have pioneered the concept of modern functionalism and built a design legacy in Denmark.

Internasjonal portal dedikert til møbler. Search for furniture as bedroom, dining, garden, home office, lighting, rugs, walldecor and textiles.

Inhabitat is a weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

Professional interior designers wield enormous purchasing power by influencing, recommending and buying $50 billion worth of interior furnishings every year. Interior Design Magazine is the only fully-paid magazine serving this market.

International forum design Hannover
iF provides a broad range of design-related services, and internationally known thanks to our iF design award, which has been staged since 1954. Today, this award is regarded as one of the most important design competitions worldwide, attracting over 1.800 entries from 30 different countries every year.

MoCo Loco is a web magazine featuring modern contemporary design news and views.

Aims to bring clarity and ease of use. At a glance, for the day to day essentials, Mooch Choice, a discriminating directory of the best sites in each sector. Mooch Live, a magazine dealing with the ever changing flow of topical lifestyle and creative content flowing through the airways.

Norsk Design- og arkitektursenter
DogA, etablert av Norsk Form og Norsk Designråd i 2004 og er møteplass for design, arkitektur og tilstøtende fagområder. Hausmanns gate 16 står oppført på Byantikvarens gule liste over bevaringsverdige bygninger.

Norsk Designråd
Har som formål å fremme bruk av god design i markedsorientert produktutvikling og markedskommunikasjon for å oppnå større konkurranseevne og lønnsomhet i norsk industri og næringsliv – nasjonalt og internasjonalt. Merket for god design.

Older than me 😉
Bli kjent med The 60′. Fransk språklig. La rentrée est traditionnellement la période de l’habitat et de l’ameublement. Découvrez sans plus tarder la nouvelle sélection de meubles, déco et objets que nous vous avons sélectionné.

Are Hundstuen has a degree from The National College of Art & Design in Oslo. He runs his own design company called Puttidesign. Morten Longum has a degree in architecture from The National Institute of Technology in Trondheim. He works as an architect besides running his design company called Minimal.

Reddot design
In the past 10 years, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen has developed into an international communication and qualification centre for design-orientated industrial enterprises, design studios, communication and multimedia agencies. Visit Red-dot for more information.

Svensk Form
Svensk, form og design. Utstillinger, bibliotek, tidsskrifter, bildearkiv og butikk. Mötesplatsen i Stockholm för alla som gillar form och design. Svensk Form är ett design center med utställningar, kafé, bibliotek, tidskriftsrum, bildarkiv och butik. På programmet står också seminarier och föreläsningar.

Svensk Industri Design
Stiftelse etablert av Näringsdepartementet, for å formidle kunnskap om industriell design i næringslivet. Design handlar inte bara om utseende utan också om nyttan och användbarheten. Med rätt design framträder den teknik och de egenskaper som man byggt in i produkten tydligt.

The Artists
The, an extended database of 20th Century and contemporary visual artists is a portal for research on visual arts. The masters since 1900 are represented with their portrait, links to webresources, images of their work, biographies and articles, and the artist’s personal website.

Totem Design
Totem Design was founded on the belief that our existence, physical and even spiritual, can be enhanced by the objects in our lives. Since the opening in 1997, we have been thrilled at the excitement our customers have expressed while experiencing the wide range of products by the thirty or so designers and manufacturers we represent.

Cultivating cross-cultural exchanges. Arts, cultures, media, publications, editions and area for design and special projects.