It's all about the details
It's all about the details

Rugs “Stories” from Permafrost

Rugs named Stories by the Norwegian design agency Permafrost is a limited collection of design items, designed and produced by Permafrost. Each piece in the collection has a story to tell, commenting on the peculiar details in surroundings.

Prototypes from the Stories by Permafrost collection have been presented at numerous design exhibitions all over the world. Currently, the collection includes the Silence and John Deere rugs, the Hvitveis set of foldable snack trays and the newly released Giant Leap rug.

Permafrost was established January 1st 2000 by four Norwegian industrial designers; all recent graduates and classmates from the Oslo School of Architecture.  Design projects, product design, furniture and interiors, graphic design and packaging. Visit the website and learn more about Permafrost.

Info/pictures: Permafrost