It's all about the details
It's all about the details

Photographer Robyn Arouty

You might know photographer Robyn Arouty already. The one dedicated to picture animals (dogs) in need of a new home. Helping poor animals go get a new life together with people that care. A photographer – and an animal lover too. Robyn: love your pet shots!

This is what Robyn says about herself on her website:
“I am not a “pet photographer.”  I am just a person who discovered herself after taking photos of animals and fighting for their lives. They are real. Every day. We should try to be more like them, I think”.

They are loyal, despite the most horrible life experiences. And I have unfortunately seen more than I ever cared to know about. The amount of people that have chosen adoption & volunteered & fostered as a result of my work is beyond words. How can you put a price on that?

I’m obviously fascinated by people too. Spent several years of my life working in the psychology field…asking questions, learning from every patient & client, guiding people when they weren’t strong enough to do it on their own. I wouldn’t trade this time for anything.

Animal welfare – Pocketshots
Robyn about her dedication to animals are their need for someone to care:
Pocketshots were created with animal welfare organizations in mind—more specifically rescues, who work so tirelessly to save Houston’s precious lives every day. I have been working as a rescuer & animal advocate for several years, but I wanted to do more.

Pocketshots are all-day fundraising events that I host at my studio. Appointments are scheduled every 30 minutes for portraits of you with your dogs, cats, kids, ?? Everyone is welcome! Each event benefits a different group & I am happy to report I have donated over $20,000 to area rescues since pocketshots began in November 2010.

Ready for the Party

Constant love, whenever and forever

Beautiful shot, the king

Love the turquoise wall too

Dog and companion in action

Humh? Yes, I’m The chef

Info/pictures: Robyn Arouty. You can follow Robyn via Facebook to see daily pictures from Robyn with various owners and dogs visiting for their very special photo shoot. I do!