Pantone Boutique Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

The PANTONE HOTEL invites you to experience the city of Brussels through a lens of color and a spectrum of comforts. From the moment you arrive, our “hotel of colors” will awaken your senses to an array of delights and playful surprises. more »

DIY – Make your favourite pillow

Ready for a pillow fight? Quite a funny idea, make your own favourite pillow! For the kid’s room or in your living room maybe? Find your time and have some fun with colors and a sewing machine. It’s a Rollie Pollie. more »

Hotel The Thief, Oslo, Norway

Located between the iconic Astrup Fearnley Museum, the canals on Tjuvholmen and the Oslofjord, most of our 118 rooms have brilliant views. Timeless elegance with clear references to contemporary art and design is the common denominator for THIEF FURNISHING. more »

Traveling to Vietnam

We went to our friends wedding in Vietnam last summer. Thought I should share some pictures from the city Ho-Chi-Minh, previous Saigon. We all had a very warm experience, in March, and the wedding was brilliant! more »

Zash country boutique hotel, Italy

Zash Country Boutique Hotel is a renovation project of an old millstone in a campaign among the richest and most fascinating of the Ionian coast of Sicily. The restructuring has, in fact, transformed the ancient manor house. more »