Brazil based MCA Estudio

Architecture bureau established in Brazil, with apartments, designing both interiors and exteriors. Have a look at this one of many apartments, for interior inspiration. more »

Wall clock Sabrina Fossi

Italian designer, passionate about all objects that characterize the domestic environment. She  believe that everyday objects give significance to our lives and it is precise these minute shades of difference. Minimalistic wall clocks in different colours. more »

Cult Design, pots, home decor

More decor details to your home from Cult Design in Sweden. I totaly love the ceramics, pots and accessories. More pictures for inspiration. Cult design was started by Magnus Tyrén and Marita Lord, after they both worked at Borås Tapeter. Accessories for kitchen and bathroom. more »

Ekebergrestauranten, Oslo

In 1927 Oslo architect Lars Backer von the competition to design the Ekeberg Restaurant. An uniqe restaurant at top of the eastern part of Oslo, Norway’s capital – with a marvellous view to the sea. more »

Flotte smykker fra Wilhelmine

Kom over siden til smykkedesigner Trine W. Rønnevig, Wilhelmine, og ble fascinert av fargebruk og kombinasjoner. Her er eksempler på smykkedesign og forklaring på bruk av numerologi og litt om fargers betydning. more »