Tiles from Bergersen Flis

Bergersen Flis specializes in the import and distribution of ceramic tiles, bathroom accessories, tiles accessories and tools for laying tiles. more »

Unique tiles from Nemo Tiles

Since its modest beginnings in Jamaica, Queens in 1921, Nemo Tile has offered an unmatched breadth of product. Specializing in usable tiles, a New York based company. more »

Marble tiles from Q-bo Project

Textured patterns add an extra dimension to the natural marble tiles from Q-bo. Gently accentuating the preciousness of the high-quality material, subtle motifs complement the grain of the natural marble. more »

Tiles from Vetrovivo

Vetrovivo is a Italian company established in 2006, by people with a lot of experience in glass production. They wanted to produce something new and never seen before: glass mosaics of a high level for customers looking for something unique. more »

3D wall decor from ModularArts

ModularArts introduced its large panels in 2002. Panels, blocks and tiles to change your wall into a sculptural and unique wall in 3d. Mostly to the commercial industries at the time. You can buy in their online store. more »