Bedroom headboard inspiration

DIY headboard: Some  ideas on how to arrange your bedroom with headboards that you can change whenever. Some with textile or paint, others more difficult to change but personal, indeed. Found via Pinterest and the webstash account. Link in bottom of article. more »

Bedroom headboard inspiration

The bedroom headboard is a way to change your bedroom easy and make a new look. DIY project to find the headboard that fits your room and personality. Here are some favourites of mine, inspirational pictures. more »

Bedroom inspiration from Hulsta

Inspiring bedrooms from Hülsta. The company has seen many changes since it was founded in 1940. Hülsta and now! by hülsta brand. They produce more than beds, however this post is all about beds. more »

To choose a bed – Italian Twils

To choose a mattress. It is a big decision and a lot to consider to do the right choice for your good sleep. What do you prefer, how do you sleep? Some inspiration from Italian Twil with pictures. more »

Bedroom inspiration,

Inspiration from the Swedish website just like the Norwegian You’ll find pictures from Swedish homes, as inspiration to your bedroom. Boolia is a national database with apartments and houses for sale. more »