Bedroom headboard inspiration

DIY headboard: Some  ideas on how to arrange your bedroom with headboards that you can change whenever. Some with textile or paint, others more difficult to change but personal, indeed. Found via Pinterest and the webstash account. Link in bottom of article. more »

DIY – Make your favourite pillow

Ready for a pillow fight? Quite a funny idea, make your own favourite pillow! For the kid’s room or in your living room maybe? Find your time and have some fun with colors and a sewing machine. It’s a Rollie Pollie. more »

How to make an Advent Calendar, DIY

It’s just days before Advent and you may have plans to make an advent calendar as Christmas decor – and daily surprises. I found some nice examples and pinned them to Pinterest. Maybe they can inspire you to make similar or maybe combine. more »

Cutting glass, interior details

Bottle cutters, DIY, could be pretty fun. The arcticle is from Plastolux, you’ll find the link at bottom of article. Picking up a Ephrems Old Time Bottle Cutting Kit on eBay, have a look at the awesome result. more »

IKEA launching concept Tekstileriet / textiles

IKEA opened a concept store for an Autumn’s textile shop last week at Grünerløkka in Oslo, Norway. Funny way to draw attention and nice pictures both from surroundings and the store itself. more »