It's all about the details
It's all about the details

Sleeve for your iPad

Introducing a new case based on an old idea. BOOK for iPad is a hand made hard cover book jacket on the outside, with a sleeve tailored to the iPad on the inside. Protect your digital device safely and then shelve it, carry it, put it in a book-bag, or leave it on the coffee table.

BOOK is made with the highest grade of sustainable, durable, and natural materials to insulate your iPad in an enduring style. Each BOOK is hand-crafted to order. Every exterior detail of BOOK has been considered, from the linen book cloth to the decorative book headbands for an effect that provides bibliophiles with tangible protection for their electronic information.

On the inside, a 100% wool felt sleeve provides a snug fit for your device when BOOK is closed with the integrated velcro edge. The natural German felt is a sustainable and renewable material that has an innate durability and timelessness. BOOK is a secure sleeve combined simply and elegantly with a hard case to provide double protection for your iPad.

The book can be ordered at for approximately 100 USD. And by the way, I could manage to get to know an iPad.

Info/pictures: MsHay