Home interior decor 2

Pictures from Pinterest sharing colourful interior details. For inspiration on storage. Love this succulents and colourful mugs! more »

Colourful interior details, orange

Bring some colours to your interior. First some industrial looking chairs in different colours. I found some pictures based on orange details. Kitchen, living room, home office, chair and a stair. more »

Home interior decor, part 1

As you may know I use Pinstagram to pin my favourite pictures along the way browsing the internet for inspiration. In the webstash album Home • decor styling you’ll find some inspirational pictures to color your home. more »

Colorful interior details, green

I found some colorful interior details with green as the main color. A kitchen with a gorgeous wooden table and bench. Workspace, dining area, green flooring. Get inspired. more »

Photographer Krista Keltanen

Vintage inspired with Finnish photographer Krista Keltanen. Some pictures inspired by season Christmas even though December soon will be over. Hope you had a great Christmas celebration with friends and family. more »