Colourful interior details, pink

Ever thought about bringing pink in to your home? I found some great pictures with pink as the main colour. Hope you like the collection. Enjoy! more »

Colourful interior details, orange

Bring some colours to your interior. First some industrial looking chairs in different colours. I found some pictures based on orange details. Kitchen, living room, home office, chair and a stair. more »

Colorful interior details, green

I found some colorful interior details with green as the main color. A kitchen with a gorgeous wooden table and bench. Workspace, dining area, green flooring. Get inspired. more »

Colorful interior details, color red

Gorgeous and colorful details for the home, with red as a main color. Living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. A touch of red it is! more »

Autumn, the season for beautiful colors

It is Autumn in Scandinavia and Norway. Gorgeous colors in detail or stunning landscape pictures. I’m using Instagram and get so inspired by all the colors in Autumn, my favourite season, when not raining though. more »