Wooden floors from 14 ora

A large rural structure, once an ancient wine cellar in Castelvetro Modena, expertly cultivated by human hands: this is where 14 Ora Italiana chose to plant its roots. Lovely flooring and tiles. more »

Rugs by Linie Design

Linie Design is designing, developing and producing quality rugs for both the retail and contract furnishing markets. The products are renown for their originality and simplicity. Rugs with stripes maybe? more »

Flooring in black and white

Tiles with 3d effect. Could you live in this house with a kitchen floor like this one? These pictures are just a few from the apartment presented. In the home of Santa Caterina unequivocally reflected this contemporary trend that has blurred, among others, the border between public and private areas of the house. more »

Rugs from 2 form

The idea behind 2Form is very simple: to combine art and design in one media. The surface of a rug offers a free playground for expression. The materiality of the rug puts this artistic expression ”down-to-earth”. more »

Carpets from Loophouse

loophouse has become renowned for providing innovative rug and carpet design solutions to designers and architects as well as private clients, attracting commissions from many household names. Delightful use of colors. more »