Architect Craig Steely: Gipsy House

Craig Steely is principal of Craig Steely Architecture. With studios in Hawaii and San Francisco his buildings have been described as true and unique hybrids of these two environments. His work explores the boundaries of integration as well as emancipation from nature. more »

Fireplaces from Metalfire

Metalfire manufactures professional high-quality open fireplaces burning both gas, bio fuel and wood. Architectural integrating and styled for each home. more »

Danish Yellows, wooden living

Danish photography agency Yellows pictured this apartment “in wood”. The serie is taken by photographer Mikkel Rahr Mortensen and styled by Gitte Kjær. Visit the website for more inspiring pictures of interior with a Scandinavian touch. more »

Lighting from Industreal

Beautiful pendants from the Italian design company Industreal. An idea unfolds in mind; they grasp possibilities, assemble them together into thought and present the thought in the form of our idea. Amazing design. more »

Concrete wall wallpaper

The Concrete Wall collection is designed by photographer Tom Haga based in Stavanger, Norway. The Concrete Wall collection is the result of photographing raw and refined concrete walls, raw cinder block walls and even grafitti, in locations right across Norway.
more »