Colour of the month: soft pink

Pink is a softer, less violent red. Pink is the sweet side of red. It’s cotton candy and bubble gum and babies, especially little girls. This is pictures of the color soft pink. more »

Bedroom headboard inspiration

DIY headboard: Some  ideas on how to arrange your bedroom with headboards that you can change whenever. Some with textile or paint, others more difficult to change but personal, indeed. Found via Pinterest and the webstash account. Link in bottom of article. more »

Some facts about the colour blue

An universal favorite of men and women, explore the meaning of blue, how to use shades of blue, subtle changes in blue symbolism from dark to medium to light blues, and colors that go with blue. more »

Bedroom headboard inspiration

The bedroom headboard is a way to change your bedroom easy and make a new look. DIY project to find the headboard that fits your room and personality. Here are some favourites of mine, inspirational pictures. more »

Favourite chairs in different colors

In webstash album home • chairs on Pinterest I found some more pictures of chairs for inspiration. Maybe you’ll find your favourite among them. more »