Christmas decorations

Sharing some inspirational pictures to get the Christmas feeling. The pictures found at Livingetc, an online magazine focusing on interior and this pictures is from the album – How to decorate for Christmas. Maybe you will find some inspiration to decorate your own home. more »

Christmas decoration, part 2

Need some inspiration on how to decorate for emerging Christmas holidays? Candle lights, ginger cookies, stars and wooden display for the fireplace. Get some tip on what to do to decorate your home. more »

Ideas on decor for christmas

It’s nearly Christmas for those celebrating. I found some pictures with ideas on how to decorate for December holidays. Hope you’ll enjoy and get ideas. Happy Season to all followers! more »

How to make an Advent Calendar, DIY

It’s just days before Advent and you may have plans to make an advent calendar as Christmas decor – and daily surprises. I found some nice examples and pinned them to Pinterest. Maybe they can inspire you to make similar or maybe combine. more »

Christmas table decor with SIA

Insiprasjon fra den siste katalogen til SIA Home fashion. Her er lekre forslag til borddekking og julebilder til inspirasjon (ja, det er tidlig). 1 søndag i advent er over så jeg håper motstandere av for tidlig jul bærer over med meg. Det er desember. Her er tips til hvordan du kan dekke til julemiddagen. more »